Photo Session

Photos and/or a Video Session with Diana 

I am asked all the time by my dates if they can take photos or a video. Since I have to manage my marketing and do not want unprofessional photos running around, I always have to say “no.”   I want to make you all happy, so I have worked out a way for you to take your date home with you on a video and/or in photos.  I now provide a wonderful service where my photographer will show up, discreetly take pictures and/or a video of just me or both of us and give you the SD disk before he leaves, then just as discreetly disappear.    The amazing part is that this service is only an additional $100 added to your date fee.  He will even let you direct the photo or video shoot. This can be done in the room or even in areas like Red Rock Canyon or other private outdoor locations.

Of course these photos and/or a video are for your private viewing only and can not be distributed, posted on facebook, or anywhere else.  I also protect my privacy by wearing a beautiful mask.  You can wear one if you wish as well. I want you to have the photos but I am very serious about you not posting or distributing them to anyone.

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