You can earn extra free minutes for every hour you schedule with me (limited to 30 minutes extra per hour purchased) by doing any of the following:

Red items are for individuals who have already been on a date with me.
Green items are for anyone.

Reviews must be posted no later than 15 days after our date so that they reflect your current feelings. I will send you an email with a voucher number and honor the voucher for one year from the date you post the voucher.  You will be required to give me the voucher number to get the discount.

1.  Post positive review  on any of the following sites:
Only one review per site per month, and all reviews must appear different (no cut and paste postings).  Obviously you have to have been on a date with me to review my services.  Once you post, you just email me the information where you posted so I can verify it, and I will send you a discount voucher for 10 extra minutes per post. You can use up to 30 minutes worth of vouchers for every hour that is purchased.  So a 60 minute date could become up to a 90 minute date, and a 2 hour date could become up to a 3 hour date, etc.

Sites you can post on:

2.  Multi-date purchase:  Purchase more than one date at a time and add 30 free minutes to each subsequent date you purchase.  Must be paid during the first date in the series and used within 6 months.  This will never include any date you have already been on, so please don’t ask.  May not be combined with any other discount and only one 30 minute addition is allowed per date.

3.  Refer a date to me:  Refer a date to me, and you and the referred individual will receive 30 extra free minutes on your second date with me.  The first date for both of you is normal prices, but the next date for both of you gives each of you 30 free minutes.    All you have to do is email me that you referred someone and give me the name they are going to use when they book a date, and I will send you a voucher for 30 minutes free when they attend the date.  They can also just put your name in the referred by field in the date Diana form.  The referral must be for someone I have never seen before.  You can tell them that by giving me your name or putting it in the “Date Diana” form  they will receive 30 minutes free at the end of their paid session.  They must acknowledge this prior to the date so I can plan my time right.   Do not advertise this service anywhere or you will not get the discount, nor will the person you referred.  I have to maintain control of all advertising for legal reasons.

4.  Seasonal discounts:  There are times when my wonderful city is a little slow.  It is usually around holidays, but it could be almost any time of year depending on what is going on in town.  If you complete the form below, I will put you on my list to receive email or text notifications of discounts.

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